Valrhona is a premium chocolate producer based in the small town of Tain-l'Hermitage near Lyon founded in 1922. Renowned worldwide for its exceptional taste and texture, the chocolate is highly regarded among Michelin-starred chefs, who appreciate its remarkable quality and smoothness.

At 404 Bakery, we use Valrhona Grand Crus chocolate primarily to create our cakes, which is the most exclusive collection among Valrhona’s offerings.

Valrhona chocolates are made only from ingredients that are cultivated using completely natural agricultural methods. All chocolate is created without the addition of pesticides, chemical herbicides, artificial fertilizers or growth hormones.

As a pioneer in ethical, slavery-free and sustainable chocolate, Valrhona chocolate is also a B-corp which has attained certifications from Slave Free Chocolate, The Good Shopping Guide, Fairtrade America, Fair Trade Certified, Fair for Life and Rainforest Alliance Certified Cocoa.

Valrhona Cakes


A great ganache is a work of art because creating the perfect ganache is not as easy as it may seem. Different chocolates require different formulas due to the varying cocoa percentages, which can impact the texture and crystalization process of the ganache.

At 404 Bakery, we spent hundreds of hours experimenting and formulating a specific ganache formula for each and every kind of chocolate that we use. This ensures that our ganache maintains the same texture hours or even days after the cake is cut open, and always providing the best mouthfeel and flavour. Our original recipe is inspired by the emulsion techniques of French Crémeux and Japanese "Namelaka." After long hours of crystallization and homogenization at designated temperatures, we create an ultra-velvety chocolate ganache that contains 33% less cream than traditional recipes. This allows for a higher cocoa content while maintaining an incomparable softness.

Lisbon Chocolate Cake


Our chocolate mousse is a perfect example of healthier but tastier. We reinvent the traditional French Crème Anglaise technique by using 20% less cream but more milk and chocolate. Instead of relying solely on cream and egg yolks for richness, we add a small portion of egg whites to soften the texture. This way we can make room for incorporating 8-12% more chocolate.

This approach results in a mousse that is lower in fat and calories, lighter in texture but richer in taste.

Lisbon Chocolate Cake