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(Non-Alcoholic) Lisbon Chocolate Cake

(Non-Alcoholic) Lisbon Chocolate Cake

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The alcohol-free version of our bestseller in Hong Kong.

Renowned as the world's best chocolate cake, the Lisbon Chocolate Cake originates from Portugal's gorgeous capital city. In this ALCOHOL-FREE version of Lisbon Chocolate Cake, port wine will be substituted with Madagascar vanilla, milk and cream to create an ultra velvety and chocolatey ganache layer that everyone, including children, pregnant women and non-drinkers, are able to enjoy.

To balance the intensity, we have devised a special Crème Anglaise chocolate mousse that is rich and creamy enough to complement the ganache. The cake's texture is further enhanced with a dense yet not heavy, half-biscuity and half-fudgy brownie base. We use the legendary Guanaja 70% chocolate from Valrhona, the world's first "dark chocolate" (with a cocoa content of 70% or above), created in 1986 for this cake. Now experience the best of Portugal with our Hong Kong's bestseller - Lisbon Chocolate Cake.

Special features

Adorned with intricate hand-carved patterns on a reddish-brown canvas of Dutch cocoa powder, our Lisbon Chocolate Cake is a work of art that exudes timeless elegance. To top it off, we sprinkle a touch of glamorous gold dust, creating a classic luxury look that complements its irresistible taste.

Serving size

  • Serves 8-10 people (standard cake portion slice weighs between 70-120g)
  • Weighs approximately 750 g
  • Size: approximately 15(W) x 6.5 (H)cm


Guanaja 70%, Valrhona cocoa powder, Madagascar vanilla, edible gold dust, free-range eggs, whole milk, cream, butter, sugar, flour, cornstarch, gelatin powder, baking powder

Dietary & allergy advice

  • Contains gluten, eggs, milk, soya
  • No nuts in the ingredients but chocolate may contain traces of nuts during manufacturing process

Shelf life & storage

  • Room temperature (up to 6 hours):
    Keep in a cake carrier or airtight container in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight
  • Refrigerated (2-4 days):
    Keep in ziplock bag, airtight container or cake box wrapped with layers of cling film
  • Freezer (1 week):
    Wrap the cake in layers of cling film, put inside a ziplock bag then keep in an airtight container; thaw for 48 hours in fridge before served


Cake comes with a golden cake board, a cake box and a high-quality designer paper bag that is reusable.

Pickup & delivery

***Nationwide delivery not applicable.***

  • Select store pickup or delivery below and pick desired date & timeslot
  • Our Dalston store (Zone 2) is only 1-min walk from Dalston Junction Station and opens from 10am-9pm, 7 days a week
  • For delivery, we provide a professional door-to-door delivery service to ensure our cake arrives in perfect condition
  • Delivery fee starts from £7.95 and will be automatically calculated during checkout
  • FREE delivery or £10 off delivery charge for orders over £75 based on address
  • Only one delivery method and date can be selected within one order. If you add more than one cake to cart, the first delivery method and date that you select will apply to the entire order.
  • We deliver to the below postcodes:
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