New home. Same dream. Better cakes.

Our story is a love affair with chocolate, one that led to 404 Bakery, an independent cake shop founded by a chocoholic couple, Mr & Mrs 404.

In 2019, fed up with sugary and bland tasting chocolate cakes, we decided to take matters into our own hands. We started 404 Bakery, a specialized chocolate cake shop that is dedicated to satisfying discerning chocolate lovers. We began by selling only two cakes, a magical 3-texture Gâteau au Chocolat and an original Lisbon Chocolate Cake with a special twist.

By some miracle, they were an overnight sensation. Our cakes became the talk of the town, earning us the title of Hong Kong's Best Chocolate Cakes from our customers, food critics and the media.

In 2022 winter, we made the decision to close the bakery to relocate to the United Kingdom. And in 2023 summer, as we reopened 404 Bakery in London, we are thrilled to bring Hong Kong’s Best Chocolate Cake to the nation.

A letter from Mr & Mrs 404