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(Nationwide Delivery) Gâteau au Chocolat (GF)

(Nationwide Delivery) Gâteau au Chocolat (GF)

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This product is for DPD nationwide delivery to the UK mainland only and cannot be purchased together with other items. For store pickup or door-to-door delivery, please go to menu and select Gâteau au Chocolat - Guanaja 70% instead.

3-texture Magic Chocolate Cake. The first chocolate cake that starts it all.

The legendary Guanaja 70% created by Valrhona in 1986 is the world’s first chocolate to reach 70% cocoa content, giving 'Dark Chocolate' its name and definition. Coincidentally, after 30 years, it forms the backbone of 404 Bakery’s first chocolate cake - Gâteau au Chocolat. Strictly handmade in limited batches to ensure an unmistakable artisanal touch in every bite, this gluten-free and cream-free cake boasts a divine chocolatey flavor that is second to none.

Gâteau au Chocolat achieves a silky texture through a precise mixing technique and careful monitoring of ingredient temperature. The cake's three distinctive textures at three different temperatures elevate the experience to a whole new level. Chilled, it resembles velvety chocolate truffles. At room temperature, the flavor intensifies, and the texture resembles foie gras with contrasting crumbly edges. Warmed in an oven or microwave, it transforms into a light and airy, almost soufflé-like texture with deep roasted chocolatey flavors that reminds one of a bottle of full-bodied red wine.

Special features

On top of the magical textures at varying temperatures, Gâteau au Chocolat is adorned with edible gold dust from a family-run business from Essex, making it the perfect gift for any chocolate lover, as well as a guaranteed crowd-pleaser at parties or company events where guests can experiment with different temperatures and capture photos of them.

In addition, the cake's depth of flavour allows for unique pairings with sea salt, smoked paprika, ice cream, tea & coffee, whisky, dessert wines, and more. Some customers even buy it just for themselves to indulge in their private pairing session at any time of day. Each cake is wrapped in parchment paper and comes in a gold-foiled reusable box with a serving instruction card.

Serving size

Servings: 8-10 slices (a small slice goes a long way)
Weighs approximately 650g
Size: approximately 7.5(W) x 17(L) x 5(H) cm


Guanaja 70%, free-range eggs, butter, sugar, edible gold dust

Dietary & allergy advice

  • 100% Gluten-free
  • No cream or milk
  • Contains eggs
  • No nuts in the ingredients but chocolate may contain traces of nuts during manufacturing process

Shelf life & storage

  • Room temperature (2-3 days):
    Keep in a cake carrier or airtight container in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight
  • Refrigerated (5-7 days):
    Keep in ziplock bag, airtight container or a tray wrapped with layers of cling film
  • Freezer (1 month):
    Wrap the cake in layers of cling film, put inside a ziplock bag then keep in an airtight container; thaw for 48 hours in fridge before served


To ensure your cake arrives in pristine condition, each cake is carefully wrapped with parchment paper and placed inside a reusable, sturdy, gold-foiled box. We also provide additional protection by using cushion pads and packaging the cake box inside a postage box with layers bubble wrap. We have undergone multiple tests and the cake has never been broken.

Nationwide delivery

DPD's UK Mainland Nationwide Next Day Delivery service

- Available Mon-Fri, excluding bank holidays
- While the standard delivery timeslot is 7am-7pm, DPD offers an 1-hour delivery window notification by text or email so that you don't have to wait around all day long
- Enjoy a reduced delivery fee of just £4.95 for any single order
- Enjoy FREE delivery If you order £60 or more (that is, two or more Gâteau au Chocolat)
- Despite DPD's high delivery success rate, we recommend choosing one day in advance of your desired serving date to account for any unforeseen delays by DPD
- Gâteau au Chocolat has an extended shelf life due to its cream-free & milk-free nature (48 hours at room temperature, refrigerated for 5-7 days). We are also using DPD Next Day delivery service to keep it fresh. So if you receive the cake on Friday, you can savor its taste throughout the weekend without compromising its quality.
- We deliver to most UK Mainland areas except: Aberdeen AB31 - AB35, Aberdeen AB41 - AB54, Northern Highlands AB36 - AB38, Northern Highlands AB55 - AB56, Argyll FK17 - FK21, Northern Highlands HS1 - HS9, Northern Highlands IV1 - IV63, Arran KA27, Argyll KA28, Northern Highlands KW0 - KW14, Orkney Shetland KW15 - KW17, Argyll PA20 - PA78, Dundee PH15 - PH18, Northern Highlands PH19 - PH29, Northern Highlands PH32 - PH33, Northern Highlands PH45 - PH48, Argyll PH30 - PH31, Argyll PH34 - PH44, Argyll PH49 - PH50, Orkney Shetland ZE1 - ZE3, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man, Guernsey, and Jersey

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