Our Philosophy

Cakes that not only taste good, but are good for you, for the community and for the world.


Our commitment to flavour begins with the careful selection of ingredients, using only the finest and highest quality products available. Our cakes contain 20-50% less fat and sugar than traditional recipes, yet they are packed with more flavours. Our original recipes, such as our 100% oil-free and cream-free cocoa sponge and signature French-Japanese soft ganache, are created through countless hours of experimenting with Eastern culinary textures with Western ingredients and scientific food knowledge.

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We take pride in the artisanal and handmade nature of our cakes, with each one carefully crafted from scratch and in limited batches for optimal freshness. Our insistence on long hours of chocolate crystallization and homogenization ensures that every bite delivers the perfect texture and flavour that is impossible to achieve with mass production or home baking.

Our Craft


We believe in letting natural flavors shine, which is why we never use artificial or synthetic additives in our cakes. We also do not use excessive sugar to preserve cake or mask cheap ingredients.

Our Recipe


Bake the world a better place has always been our belief. We use fair trade and sustainably farmed chocolate from Valrhona, and free-range British eggs sourced only from trusted farms.

Valrhona Chocolate

Support for UK Farmers

By sourcing ingredients from British farmers, we support our local communities and reduce our carbon footprint. This also ensures that our cakes are made with only the freshest milk, eggs, cream, and butter.

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